Improving Written Communication

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

The previous blog discussed the importance of communication skills in person. This blog will discuss improving written skills and engaging others online.

To begin with, when writing emails or messages to others, be concise yet specific in order to provide the person with enough information without rambling on. State the purpose of the email at the beginning so that the recipient does not have to go through paragraphs of information before getting to the main point. Additionally, only write about one thing per email. If there is multiple things the respondent has to address, they are less likely to reply promptly as they may not have the time or information needed to reply to the message. Moreover, know who you are talking to and use the appropriate language.

Another uncommon tip is to use “if...then…” statements to avoid potential emailing back and forth. With these statements you can address possible responses or questions. This will limit the amount of the number of times an email must be sent between people.

Furthermore, make sure you proofread the messages before you hit send. Though that may sound very obvious, when people are in a rush they often send messages that may contain grave errors or do not convey their messages well; therefore, it is important to always proofread.

Proper communicating online can lead to better engagement with customers and therefore lead to building brand notoriety. One possible way is to build an online community in order to better interact and with customers. For example, companies can use social media networks and forums to engage with customers and encourage them to interact with each other. Another way is to co-create with customers by asking for their input and assistance with a new product. This makes them feel valued and improves your company’s rating in their eyes.

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