The Mandatory Skill: Time Management

What is time management?

I would say, time management is making the best use of one’s time in an effort to achieve your goals. This is why the first step in time management is goal setting. Understanding what your goals are will ultimately help you understand how you need to spend your time in order to achieve your goals.

The purpose of Action Coach is to be a coach in your business, but you will find that goal setting and time management can be applied in every aspect of your life. If you strive to improve personal relationships, change your fitness level, improve your knowledge of a subject, or any other goal you aspire to accomplish; setting specific goals and managing the time to get to that goal will prove to be fundamental.

So how can we begin to manage our time?

1) After goal-setting, you must begin planning how to achieve your goal.

2) You must prioritize what tasks will be important to achieving your goal; weeding out non-important tasks and ideas in order to stay focused.

3) Use an electronic calendar (such as google) to create a living timeline to accomplish tasks as you work toward your goal. If a task on your calendar is not going to be accomplished and assuming it is only on your calendar because it is a priority, reschedule it so that you do not lose sight of it. If you rethink the task and realize it is not a priority in achieving your goal than remove it from your calendar.

4) Delegate tasks when and if at all possible

Your calendar could include everything from simple, but important tasks such as when you wake up, eat meals, exercise and make phone calls. The purpose of outlining these types of tasks is to keep you focused on the larger tasks that lead to your goal. Don’t underestimate the importance of actually scheduling; even something like time to eat seems like a small task, but it is an important one

. Time to eat allows you to decompress, recharge, and stay focused; and it could also make you more pleasant while collaborating with co-workers. After all, as the famous Snicker quote goes, “Your not you when your hungry.”

Try applying these tips to your daily life and watch the time management improvements you will notice. You will wonder how you ever got anything done before.

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